How Playbook Media Increased Revenue, Decreased CAC and Maintained Premium Brand Positioning for a Direct-to-Consumer Shoe Company.


After bringing media buying in house with little success, Jeff Ha, VP Ecommerce at PLAE Shoes, called on the team at Playbook Media to revamp their Facebook strategy. As a premium direct-to-consumer shoe brand, PLAE’s problems were:

  • Scaling customer acquisition within set monthly budgets.
  • Reducing customer acquisition costs while scaling revenue.
  • Avoiding sales and discounts to maintain premium brand positioning.

The Playbook

After diving deep into PLAE’s sales data, Playbook Media found that marketing budget and ad spend were being improperly distributed across the sales funnel. The team executed on a strategy that increased the pool of targeting segments, developed new creative assets and tested performance in both prospecting and retargeting funnels.



Revenue increased by 36% Q/Q, when it had decreased in the year prior.


Overall CAC decreased
by -26% Q/Q.


Cost per purchase from existing customers decreased -66% Q/Q.

In addition to efficiency in our paid marketing efforts, Playbook has aligned our direct response and brand strategy.

Jeff Ha
VP Ecommerce PLAE Shoes

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