Playbook Media is a Silicon Valley and Los Angeles based performance marketing and creative agency that focuses on early stage business growth strategy, creative and media buying.

We’re a team of platform insiders who hustle… in the good times, but more importantly in the hard times.

We have experience across every industry and media platform… true digital marketing experts with a common approach.

We use our Playbook… and customize it for each of our clients’ needs.

We solve our clients biggest advertising challenges… and turn over the keys so they can internalize and scale in house.

We have made millions of dollars in returns for our clients… imagine what we can do for you.

Our Team

Bryan Karas


Erica Peacock


Monika Ellis

Director of Analytics

Joyce Lam

Director of Media

Chris Wong

Growth Analyst

Kiana Moattari

Growth Analyst

Susan Mees

Client Partner

Andrea Cheung

Sr. Project Manager

Jaydon Nolasco

Creative Associate

Vad Pishkov

Director of Media, Paid Social

Rob Wormley

Content & Messaging

Erik Whaley

VP Client Services

Dylan Helgren

Marketing Intern

Galo Carrillo

Sr. Visual + UI Designer

Jessica Clark

Marketing Intelligence Analyst

Mike Rhee
Mike Rhee

Finance & Administration

Sarah Little

Media Manager

Amy Chau
Amy Chau


Amy Chau
Michelle Davulis

Affiliate Marketing

Amy Chau
Camila Kwong

Growth Expert

Kelly Nickels

Creative Production

Abigail Olivas

Growth Expert

Bjorn Cordova
Bjorn Cordova

Growth Expert

Jimmy Liao
Jimmy Liao

Sr. Director of Media, SEM

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