Accurate measurement is the core of any marketing strategy. We develop powerful measurement tools that lead us down the path of informed discovery and decision making.

Channel Expansion & Attribution

We develop media testing frameworks which integrate Channel Platform performance and conversions with sessions and traffic data so that you can determine the role each new channel plays in the customer decision journey. Our customized dashboards allow for integration of multiple ad sources, so you can stream all ad metrics into a single, easy-to-interpret view. Manually pulling ad data from multiple sources – solved!

Video & Audience Analytics

We use our proprietary G.A.T.E. methodology (Grab – Assert – Truth – Exit) to analyze the “why” of creative performance. We uncover specific customer & audience insights, for example what demographic converted on specific creative, or at what point in a video a click was generated. Those types of learnings then inform our highly-targeted creative production process.

Media Mix & Cohort Modeling

We use multivariate analysis to provide modeling, scenario planning and revenue forecasting. This can be done at both the account and at the cohort level. These sophisticated models bridge the gap between last-click attribution and onboarding a customized (often very expensive) multi-touch attribution platform.

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