We Help DTC Brands Increase Sales While Reducing Customer Acquisition Costs
Your survival as a DTC brand is at risk from the minute you launch your business.
To make it, you need to push your business forward and up through the same growth curve that every other successful brand in recent history has unlocked.
In the early stage of the growth curve, you use paid acquisition to find early adopters and build a foundation for growth.
In the next stage, you focus on maintaining efficient CACs and predictable ROAS while scaling and diversifying acquisition channels.
In the final stages, you experience mass adoption, and acquiring new customers becomes less important than maintaining a profitable base of existing customers.
We have helped brands of all sizes navigate and succeed in every aspect of this lifecycle.
With over $100M in media dollars invested and over a quarter of a billion dollars driven in returns, we’re confident we can help take your business to the next level.
Our proven methodologies are critical to the success of our clients and their marketing programs:
Driving Efficient Customer Acquisition through Paid Social
Playbook Media brings unparalleled strategy and execution to rapidly expand your customer base using proven account structures on some of the world’s largest brand discovery platforms, such as Facebook & Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, Snapchat, and more.
Rapid Creative Production and Testing
It’s no secret that creative is the key differentiator of high-performance brands. Playbook Media cracks the code by rapidly producing and testing custom creative tailored to specific value props and customer personas to widen and deepen the acquisition funnel.
Harvesting Demand through Search Engine Marketing
Potential customers are searching for your product right now. The Playbook Media search team ensures your brand can compete on popular SERPs to drive efficiency by optimizing your product feeds, quality scores, ad copy, and conversion rates.
Building the Brand through Association
Consumers buy from brands they trust. Playbook Media partners with influencers and credible publications to create social proof, establish trust, and drive sales. Building and executing influencer and affiliate marketing strategies help our clients compete across organic and paid channels.
Expanding Beyond Digital with Connected TV
In time, digital channels reach a point of saturation. When increased spend in paid social shows diminishes returns, it’s time to turn to Connected TV. In partnership with TVDataNow, Playbook Media drives measurable and cost-effective mass media customer acquisition through CTV publishers.
Maximizing Profitability and LTV
Your most profitable customers are often your existing customers.
In addition to customer acquisition, Playbook Media helps our clients understand retention, repeat purchases, and referral programs to maximize overall profitability and customer lifetime value.
Success Story
Imperfect Foods


-50% lower CAC (cost per acquisition)


250% increase in CTR (clickthrough rate)


Generated 50% of total signups from Paid Facebook since launch

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