Scaling An Ecommerce Brand on Facebook and Instagram.


Hera, a DirectToConsumer, unisex streetwear brand specializing in skinny jeans, asked the Playbook Media team to help solve the following challenges:

  • Maximize growth, while managing inventory fluctuations.
  • Expand their Ad Creative beyond “lifestyle” imagery.
  • Integrate Facebook campaigns with Shopify

The Playbook

  • Analyze purchase behavior, adjust the Facebook attribution window to properly reflect the time between view, click and purchase
  • Test lookalike, interest and custom audiences to find the best blended combination to maximize ROAS throughout the purchase funnel
  • Use Dynamic Ads (with pricing and product-focused shots) to group like products together and expand the creative arsenal beyond brand/lifestyle images
  • Structure campaigns by product type to flex bids based on inventory
  • Use Shopify Parket Integration to feed new/returning customers and AOV back into Facebook campaign optimization



13X scale in spend on the Facebook platform


-68% decrease in CPP (Cost per Purchase)


3X increase in ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)


53% increase in AOV (Average Order Value)

In 2019, the Hera London business grew tremendously, thanks in huge part to the team at Playbook Media who managed all of our paid ads on FB/IG.


Ash White,
Founder & CEO Hera


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