Why You Need a Native Display Advertising Agency

Native Display advertising is predicted to grow to $400 billion by 2025. As more companies turn to native advertising platforms to reach their target audiences, competition for attention is only going to increase. Working with an agency can help you improve performance and ensure that you’re getting the best return on your investment as these platforms continue to grow and evolve. 

A Native Display Advertising Agency Can Help You Test a New Channel or Maximize Performance

Playbook Media is a native display advertising agency that can help you build, manage, and improve campaigns on native display advertising platforms like Taboola, Outbrain, and Gemini. Whether you’ve never used a platform before or you’re looking to maximize performance on existing ad campaigns, Playbook Media can help. 

Why Hire Playbook Media to Help You Advertise on Native Display?

Driven by Data

We work quickly to get campaigns up and running and can use as little as one week of data to help you make informed decisions about strategy and budget. 


We help you set up goals around ad spend, customer acquisition costs, conversion rates, and other key metrics. Then we continuously optimize to achieve those goals. 

Creative Production Experts

We produce original creative and viral ad copy that helps businesses build brand and product awareness, acquire new customers, and differentiate from the competition.

Measurement and Reporting 

We  interpret data in real-time to help you make quick decisions that improve performance now and throughout the lifetime of each campaign you launch.  

Native Display FAQs

If you’re completely new to native display advertising, you might be wondering how it all works. Read through the following questions and answers to learn more about how native display advertising works, which businesses are investing in it, and how an agency can help.

What Are Native Display Ads?

Native display ads are paid ads that are designed to look and feel like the rest of the content you see on a website. You typically see native display ads listed as sponsored content, recommended reading, or promoted stories on a website.

What Types of Businesses Should Invest in Native Display Advertising?

Any business interested in driving more traffic to their website or blog with a budget for paid advertising should consider testing native display advertising.

What Does a Native Display Agency Actually Do?

A native display advertising agency will help you decide which platforms to invest in, such as Outbrain, Taboola, or Yahoo Gemini. An agency can build a native display advertising strategy that includes recommendations about budget, audience and website targeting, and creative.

How Do You Pick the Right Native Display Agency?

Picking the right Native Display advertising agency is essential. The right agency should be able to:

  1. Speak to their deep understanding of native display advertising, paid advertising, native display platforms, and creative strategy
  2. Educate you on how the channel can work for your business
  3. Develop effective creative and advertising campaigns
  4. Evaluate ad performance and metrics and make recommendations
  5. Ask you about your objectives and audiences
  6. Show you examples of past success
  7. Work seamlessly with your existing team

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