Efficiency and reach lifts with Facebook’s Advantage+ and strategic campaign objectives.

OhmConnect, a clean tech B2C company that helps users save energy and money, was facing diminishing returns from its Facebook advertising campaigns and turned to the Playbook Media team for a solution.

The Playbook Media Approach

Playbook Media worked with Facebook to conduct a Performance Branding 3.0 measurement study that compared OhmConnect’s previous conversion-focused objective with an objective that blended conversion and reach.

Playbook produced creative assets to support photo and video ads with messaging that encouraged people to save money and energy by signing up with OhmConnect. We used Facebook’s Advantage+ functionality to find efficient, top-performing placements and allocate budget optimally across top ad sets. 

The Results

The campaign using the conversions & reach objective paid immediate dividends, achieving the following gains over the conversion-only campaign objective:


Higher reach


Increase in clicks


Lower CPA

Buoyed by the results of the bidding pivot and the power of Advantage+, the Playbook Media team is conducting further tests to help OhmConnect find and engage more customers without increasing budget. 

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