3x purchase volume increase with Facebook advertising

When HelloFresh, a leading meal kit company, needed to increase purchases in select European regions within strict efficiency goals, they looked to Playbook Media to help.

Previously, HelloFresh wasn’t spending much in these regions on digital marketing channels such as Facebook because of an inability to scale while achieving an acceptable customer acquisition cost.

The HelloFresh internal team had also recently lost a few employees in the marketing department and needed expert help quickly.

The Playbook Media Approach

 After analyzing HelloFresh’s business model and customer journey, the Playbook Media team proposed extending the 1-day optimization window used for most of the client’s ads.

Playbook Media focused on regular creative testing coupled with an ongoing analysis of creative strategies employed by HelloFresh’s competitors.

The Playbook Media team supported the client with in-depth reporting, providing performance analysis and advising on next steps to hit business goals.

We concluded that HelloFresh targeting should account for purchase latency from users doing their research and considering other options.

We implemented performance-driven pacing and took the accounts off of the budget pool for precise control.

The Results

In just 6 months with Playbook Media, HelloFresh was able to achieve the following results:



Increased purchase volume



Increased budget



Decreased cost per purchase

Fueled by success with this initiative, and with a reporting and analysis structure in place, the Playbook Media team continued to introduce ideas to increase scale while consistently improving results.

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