How a growing company evened the Search playing field

Crowdbotics came to Playbook Media after struggling to maintain consistent performance in Google Search. While Search had historically been an efficient and growing source of leads, changes had caused their campaigns to stop producing the lead volume they had come to expect.

Crowdbotics was looking to scale and knew Google Search should be a fundamental part of their growth strategy. They needed a partner to help get their Google account back on track, lower their cost per acquisition, and solidify Google Search as a reliable and scalable media channel. Playbook understood that Search success for small-budget brands relies on high performance for every dollar invested, especially as engagement costs continue to rise across the board. 

The Playbook Media Approach

Shift daily budgets to allocate spend to the campaigns with the most conversions and highest conversion rates.

Increase spend and click volume by identifying and adding new keywords to the account.

Use cascading negative keywords to prevent cross- keyword pollution and cannibalization.

Add keyword bid modifiers based on down-funnel conversion rates. Focus on keywords that generate customers, not just leads!

Isolate high-performing keywords into their own separate ad groups.

The Results

Using a phased approach, Playbook Media’s strategic improvements to the Crowdbotics Google Search account lowered the overall cost per acquisition and positioned the channel for increased spend.



Decreased cost per acquisition



Increased ROAS



Increased search revenue

By working closely with the Crowdbotics internal team to analyze closed deals on a keyword level, Playbook Media was also able to help Crowdbotics better understand their best-performing product verticals and implement campaigns to reach new customers while achieving aggressive efficiency goals.

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