Get More from Your Meta Money, Part 4: Feed the Algorithm

by | Feb 21, 2024

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In this multiple-part series, we’re highlighting how you can become a savvier Meta marketer by minimizing cost and maximizing results. 

In today’s article, we discuss how the Meta Advantage+ audience algorithm works and the best ways to optimize performance.

What Is Advantage+ Audience?

Advantage+ audience is a Meta tool built on an AI-powered algorithm. It helps you find your audience on Meta, as it self-learns by gathering data from your integration (pixel and server-side). Essentially, it builds an AI net and uses what it captures to draw conclusions to improve targeting. This approach works well—if you feed the algorithm a good quantity and quality of data.

A Well-Balanced Event Diet

The Advantage+ audience algorithm loves events. In general, the more event types (for example, page views, form fills, purchases, downloads) and different event contexts (online, offline) that you feed it, the faster and more effectively it’ll optimize.

A word of caution: This doesn’t mean you should spend willy-nilly to give the algorithm more ingredients to consume and learn from. It does mean you should audit the type of data you’re collecting—and from where—and make sure you’re sending it into the platform.

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