Get More from Your Meta Money, Part 3: Consolidate Campaigns

by | Feb 14, 2024

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In this multiple-part series, we’re highlighting how you can become a savvier Meta marketer by minimizing cost and maximizing results. 

In today’s article, we break down how consolidating ad campaigns can boost efficiency. 

The Advantages of Advantage+ Shopping

Our previous article extolled the virtues of using Advantage+ Shopping as a lead generation hack for lower-cost, good-quality leads. Turns out, you can do something similar for entire ad campaigns.

Mini Case Study: A B2C Real Estate Client 

Let’s look at how this works, via learnings from one of our B2C clients.

First, to test Advantage+ Shopping, we created a copy of the lead event and called it a purchase event to make the algorithm happy. We then created a campaign optimizing to a purchase when it was, in fact, a lead. 

At the same time, we had a Catalog campaign running that used real estate listings in combination with Facebook’s native targeting–such as affinity or income targeting–to show listings that the algorithm thought individual users would like to see.

With these campaigns running at the same time, we saw that Advantage+ Shopping had a slight performance edge. However, we checked attribution windows and realized they were set differently. Instead of doing an apples-to-apples comparison that would take time, we did a pressure test and shifted budget from the Catalog campaign to Advantage+ Shopping. 

Our thinking? If the results stayed the same, we’d use Advantage+ Shopping going forward. 

Why We Consolidated

Lo and behold: performance improved. Because of this, we ramped up Advantage+ Shopping and turned off the slightly underperforming Catalog campaign to get more efficiency of scale. 

Essentially, this is another story of consolidation, only with campaigns, not audiences. In the end, we got similar, great results: lower cost and greater efficiency.

Learn. Do. Grow.

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