Remember when everyone bailed on billboards and transit because – when compared with digital ads – out-of-home ads weren’t measurable and advertisers were just flushing money down the drain?

Me neither…

A new Rapport report states that out-of-home (OOH) ads can boost customer loyalty by 275 percent. I guess people like seeing brands they trust spending big money on billboards.

Mike Cooper, CEO of Rapport said, “At a time when consumer confidence in all media – including social media – is waning, it’s never been more vital for brands to incorporate Out-of-Home’s unique ability to regain trust into the marketing mix.”

Now, wouldn’t it be crazy if some big tech company started buying up billboards so that advertisers could use more specific data to better target and message their target market? Oh wait, Google already is

Right down Broadway…

One direct-to-consumer Ecommerce brand provides more strength for the argument of OOH ads – Casper, the friendly mattress, has heavily invested in OOH ads in New York City.

David Zhang, the company’s CMO, thinks subway ads can effectively target a local audience because when people get stuck on the train – and they’re finally over looking down at their phones – those ads become front and center.

“From a media buying perspective, you can get 500 to 700 brand trains at a pretty decent price,” said Zhang. “It’s a great way to put your brand on the map and get millions of eyeballs.”

Casper is also having fun with the theatre crowd in NYC – they created a new OOH campaign that simulated Broadway playbills using copy like “A total snooze fest” and “I couldn’t keep my eyes open.” The campaign used billboards, transit ads, and a Free Coffee Day to promote the opening of their two new NYC brick-and-mortar locations…


Before you can shine under the bright lights of a Broadway stage, there are some acronyms you need to know before getting into OOH advertising…

  • OTC: Opportunity to Contact – how many people could see your ad
  • DEC: Daily Effective Circulation – number of people (vehicles and pedestrians) that pass a billboard each day
  • VAC: Visually Adjusted Contact – the total number of people who saw the ad

So if you want  to measure your own OOH campaign there are some things you can do…

You’ll need to use specific landing page URLs or microsites and/or coupon codes exclusive to the ad. You could also use a hashtag and measure how many social mentions it receives.

If you’re using a specific slogan you can figure out how much traffic is coming from those searched terms.

Lastly, you could survey your website users in real time using Qualaroo asking the question “Where did you hear about us?”

Learn how to make the best Out-Of-Home advertisements that actually work

Now that you know OOH ads can actually drive results you’ll need to know how to make a good one that actually stands out. OOH ads need to be an experience – using contextually relevant and personalized messaging that can be seamlessly transferred to a mobile experience. Find out how the pros do it here…

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